Nexus 5 Phone Release Date, Rumors, Specs, Price, News

Google Nexus 5 release date, price, photos and Specs

google nexus 5 images

Google has clearly made its best Smartphone offer with Nexus 5, set to be launched on October 28 2013. It has diligently covered all factors and made continuous analyses in conjunction with LG to make Nexus 5 a flagship offering. Google has kept most pertinent points under wraps but it cannot stop a spate of leaks that keep creeping.

Display options

Nexus 5 will have a 5-inch display screen with multiple colour options and great imaging. Its exterior will be abuzz with polycarbonate and the Corning Gorilla Glass covering should add valour to its tale. It will be sleek, even if not as light as Apple iPhone.

Revelation package

Its revelation package comes in form of Android KitKat 4.4, a far-sighted OS that should comfortable multi-tasking and downloadable apps without fragmentation. All wait to see how it works in communion with the dazzling Snapdragon Qualcomm Processor 800, conceived to allow for handsome 4G LTE support. The clockwork should be precise and speed exhilarating enough to please buyers.

Conflicting reports

There are diverse reports about cameras though. A few state that it will repeat its Nexus 4 performance with an 8-Mp and a 1.2-Mp rear and front camera. Greater buzz is however around Nexus 5 having 13-Megapixel rear camera ably supported by 2-Mp front one. There will be a host of video, audio and image snapping options. Its sensors will also be up to scratch.

Battery-wise, Nexus 5 will enter a new territory with 2300mAh lithium-powered battery. This should ensure a comfortable running for 20 hours and more. This will be sugar in the mouth for travel addicts.

Smart Card in the offing

The Micro Card will give way to a smaller but effective Nano SIM Card. Internal storage is anyway significant at 8 GB, which will get space through the card to reach up to 64 GB. Clearly, Google has traversed huge distance and surprised all through its innovations.
Connectivity will be ripe with NFC and Bluetooth 4.0. There will be ideal port options for users and Google will surely append many apps through Google Play to be conformable with Nexus 5.

Stunning pricing

What takes the cake is its pricing, which is way modest at $349 when one compares with similar players. Nexus 4 used to be available at $299 (prices have gone down now) but clearly, couldn’t hold the candle to its new brother. Watch out for the updates in Google’s Nexus 5 price here.

With Infra-red and other facilities being a part of this would-be phone, rumours are bound to float as the day of its launch comes near. The actual concept came about in Googleplex sometimes in May, when Google and LG thought about Nexus 5 and felt that it should ring true in every domain. If reports are to be believed, Nexus 5 ticks many boxes and more.

Carrier issues

It will be available on 4 major carriers like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Verizon may however skip the beat knowing Google’s habit of expecting more than the standard. Towers are fast getting in place to accord Nexus 5 4G LTE support. May this year’s Fall see the rise!